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Janet Laurence: Web Bio, February, 2015

Janet Laurence founded Global HR in 1999, eager to offer exceptional recruitment support services to the public and private sectors. Today, Global HR is a trusted partner with a full suite of end to end recruitment support and pre-employment background screening including: reference, criminal, education, credit and employment background checking.

On the personal side, Janet loves the fact she wears many hats: mother, business owner, volunteer and sports enthusiast. Committed to being a positive force in the community Janet believes 'The profile of a needy person isn't one without money, it's one without support.' She has her support, energy and expertise to many. Janet was on the HR Board with Eva's Initiative, for 5 years supporting this worthy organization. Janet has raised funds for charities by jogging in numerous events. Following her father's passing from cancer, she chaired a yearly fundraiser called 'The Robert Laurence Play with Heart ~ Benefit for Cancer Research' at her community tennis club. Janet also served as President of her children's Parent/Teacher Board for 3 years.

Janet's lifelong enthusiasm for sports includes daily exercising with her Bernedoodle, yoga and tennis. She loves watching professional sports with a sweet spot for Canadians performing on the world stage. In 2012, Janet was chosen from thousands for one of the 70 volunteer positions supporting the Canadian Olympic Team for the London 2012 Olympics at Canada Olympic House (COH). She was later honoured when asked to return in this role for the Sochi Winter Games 2014. Janet worked and lived for a month in both London and Sochi supporting her role in the Access and Accreditation area. This role was one part Canadian ambassador, one part high level public relations, and one part accreditation administration. Janet and her team supported Canadian Olympians and their family and friends, distinguished guests of Canada from around the globe as well as government and corporate sponsors. For Janet, being part of such a global event twice was a dream come true. She adds it was an honour to help guests experience the friendly, positive Canadian culture that makes our country so great!

Janet's passion for Global HR is reflected in the company it has become. Janet's dedication to open dialogue, idea sharing and a culture of continued improvement propels Global HR forward. Global HR remains the friendly, professional boutique style organization Janet envisioned back in 1999; and that makes her very proud.

THANK YOU for visiting our website. Global HR has built a reputation as a premier service for End to End Recruitment Project Management and Pre-employment Background Checking. It would be our pleasure to speak with you about our services and answer any questions. Please contact Janet Laurence toll free at: 1.866.297.7218 or email her at ghradmin@globalhr-inc.com.

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