A History of Success.

Since Global HR's incorporation in 1999 we have successfully delivered recruitment solutions to our public and private sector clients. Our trained, experienced and professional team working within a secure platform with processes designed for convenience and efficiency. Our success is built upon exceeding service requirements.

Global HR's recruitment projects are customized for your project and always delivered on time and within budget. Our pre-employment reference, criminal, education, credit and employment verifications are secure, convenient, fast and efficient. Our online web portal platform ensures credit and criminal checks are secure and compliant, fast and convenient. The criminal record check process is approved by the RCMP and executed by police services.

  • Credit and Criminal Checks via secure, online web portal platform. Convenient, compliant and vetted through the RCMP, in partnership with police services and completed without candidate leaving their desk or visiting a police station.
Customized References aren't designed to check a 'due diligence box':
  • One Step Request and Single Point of Contact More time to focus your talents elsewhere
  • Removal of Administrative Burden: No chasing referees or phone numbers. One request and done.
  • References that have 2 degrees of customization: 1 based upon specific role competencies (no generic templates for us!) 2 hiring manager's concern or area of specific interest(s)
  • Narrative style referee feedback makes real world decision making easy.
  • Red Flag or Caution Alerts reported with every reference. Alerts clients to areas where candidate may require extra training or coaching to meet performance expectations.
  • Invite to discuss results with recruitment expert.
  • Fast Turn Around: 89% of reports returned within 48 hours (2013)

Going Above and Beyond is Routine for Global HR!

At Global HR we walk the walk. We are very serious about the quality of our services and ultimate satisfaction of our clients. All of our services exceed expectations because we don't take the reliance and trust our clients have in us for granted. We deliver ease of process and partnership wrapped in exceptional value.

THANK YOU for visiting our website. Global HR has built a reputation as a premier service for End to End Recruitment Project Management and Pre-employment Background Checking. It would be our pleasure to speak with you about our services and answer any questions. Please contact Janet Laurence toll free at: 1.866.297.7218 or email her at ghradmin@globalhr-inc.com.

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