"The Launch Pad" Graduate Global HR Inc.

"The Launch Pad" Graduate Global HR Inc.

"The Hire Strategy" Graduate Global HR Inc.
The Hire Strategy
The Hire Strategy is a comprehensive and highly successful Outplacement program supporting both corporate and individual needs. This training transforms how candidates participate in the hiring process. Successful for thousands this strategy can be repeated for a lifetime.

After successfully completing 'the Hire Strategy' candidate will feel prepared, confident, and ready to tackle the job market with a better sense of control over the hiring process.

This candidate process will:

  • Guide you in identifying your skills and successes
  • Assist you in identifying what you require from a future employer
  • Guide you in corporate research
  • Train you how to craft an attractive cover letter and resume that will get you an interview
  • Train you how to more effectively participate in the interview process
  • Demonstrate how to follow up with potential employers, leaving a lasting, positive impression
  • Provide validated skill, personality and management style assessments
  • Candidate video introduction production by Fast Track Interviews providing a highly effective promotional tool that is cutting edge in candidate innovation

This strategy has been successful for thousands of participants and is delivered by supportive, professional coaches who have been on the frontline as senior recruitment managers. The benefits of the Hire Strategy will last a lifetime.

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